Feature Roadmap

https://github.com/irods/irods/milestones - Issues to be addressed in each release are tracked on GitHub.

Development Environment

https://github.com/irods/irods_development_environment - Docker-based development environment

Client Libraries

C/C++ - Doxygen

Java - https://github.com/DICE-UNC/jargon

Python - https://github.com/irods/python-irodsclient

Qt - https://github.com/modcs/qrods

REST (via C++) - https://github.com/irods/irods_client_rest_cpp

REST (via Java) - https://github.com/irods-contrib/irods-rest

R (via REST via Java) - https://github.com/irods/r-irodsclient

Issue Tracker

https://github.com/irods/irods/issues - Every bug and feature are tracked. Every commit is related to an outstanding issue.

Continuous Integration

Travis - Travis-CI is providing continuous building for every commit.

Jenkins - Jenkins provides developer-local testing.