Confirming checksums

The value reported by ils -L for a sha2 checksum is the base64 encoded sha256 checksum.

This can be reproduced with: sha256sum ${FILENAME} | xxd -r -p | base64.


$ ls -l foo
-rw-r--r-- 1 irods irods 423 Feb 24 09:54 foo

$ ils -L foo
  rods              0 demoResc          423 2016-02-24.09:54 & foo
    sha2:zE1sR70ZVlbPawuHeN5fat+xNFVY9RB/cO3gULvPfs8=    generic    /var/lib/irods/Vault/home/rods/foo

$ sha256sum foo
cc4d6c47bd195656cf6b0b8778de5f6adfb1345558f5107f70ede050bbcf7ecf  foo

$ sha256sum foo | xxd -r -p | base64

Confirming remote configuration

With a combination of izonereport and base64 decoding, it is possible to confirm configuration settings on other servers in a Zone without logging into the other servers directly.

$ izonereport > z.json
$ python -c "import json; d = json.load(open('z.json')); print d['zones'][0]['icat_server']['configuration_directory']['files'][4]['contents']" | base64 --decode

This shows the contents of the /etc/irods/service_account.config file from the iCAT server.