Best Practices

Naming Conventions

When debugging a distributed, multi-layered system, it is very helpful to have things named well. The iRODS convention has been to name things in the following format, adjectiveNoun.

Specific examples of this might include:

  • demoResc
  • replResc
  • rootResc
  • tempZone
  • renciZone

Passthru resource as root node

Once a Zone has multiple users, changing certain Zone-wide settings becomes more difficult as every user must update their connection information before they can do any work with iRODS. One of the ways to mitigate this difficulty is to use a passthru resource as the root node of the Zone's default resource.

By doing this, administrative changes to disks, server names, and resources can be handled out of view of the users and without the users needing to change any configuration in their client(s).

irods $ iadmin mkresc rootResc passthru
irods $ iadmin addchildtoresc rootResc unix1Resc
irods $ ilsresc
└── unix1Resc
irods $ grep "^acSetRescSch" /etc/irods/
acSetRescSchemeForCreate {msiSetDefaultResc("rootResc","null"); }
acSetRescSchemeForRepl {msiSetDefaultResc("rootResc","null"); }

Do not use demoResc in production

iRODS is initially configured with the motivation of having a usable system. To prepare a new installation for production, demoResc should be removed and replaced with a resource backed by a suitable production-quality storage system. The Vault for demoResc is, by default, in the iRODS service account home directory (/var/lib/irods/iRODS/Vault) and not ready for production use.